Abubakar and the forty thieves

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There once lived in the town of Karanga , two young men, one named Sule and the other Abubakar . Their father divided a small inheritance equally between them. Sule married a very rich wife, and became a wealthy merchant. Abubakar married a woman as poor as himself, and lived by cutting wood, and bringing it upon three donkeys into the town to sell.
One day, when Abubakar was in the forest and had just cut wood enough to load his donkeys, he saw at a distance a great cloud of dust, which seemed to approach him. He found that they were men riding on horses , and also suspected they might be robbers. He determined to leave his donkeys to save himself. He climbed up a large tree, which grew on a high rock, and whose branches and many leaves were thick enough to conceal him, and yet enabled him to see all that was happening without being discovered.
The men on horses, who were forty in number, and armed with guns and swords, came to the foot of the rock on which the tree stood, and there they dismounted. Each man tied his horse either to a small tree or to some shrub. Then each of them took off his saddle-bag, which seemed to Abubakar from its weight to be full of gold and silver. One, whom he took to be their leader, came under the tree in which Abubakar was concealed; and making his way through some shrubs, pronounced these words: "Open, Sesame!”. As soon as the leader of the robbers had said these words, a door opened in the rock; and after he had made all his men enter before him, he followed them, and the door shut again by itself.
The robbers stayed for some time inside the rock, during which Abubakar , afraid of being caught, remained in the tree. At last the door opened again, and as the leader went in last, so he came out first, and stood to see them all pass by him. Then Abubakar heard him make the door close by pronouncing these words, "Shut, Sesame!" . Every man at once went , got on their horses once again and rode away as they



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