Kwame and the Magic Gifts

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A boy named Kwame was once so unhappy at home because his father whipped him too often, and so he made up his mind to run away and seek his fortune in the wide world.
He ran, and he ran, till he could run no longer, and then he collided with a little old woman who was gathering sticks. He was too much out of breath to say he was sorry, but the woman was a good person, and she offered to take him to be her servant, and to pay him well. Kwame agreed, because he was very hungry, and she took him to her house in the wood, where he served her for a twelve months and a day.
When the year had passed, the old woman called Kwame to her, and said she had good wages for him. So she presented him with a donkey, and all Kwame had to do was pull the donkey’s ears to make him begin at once to bray. And when the donkey cried money dropped from his mouth.
Kwame was so pleased with the wage he had received, and away he rode till he reached a small hotel. There he ordered the best of everything, and when the manager refused to serve him without being paid beforehand, the boy went off to the place where he had tied his donkey, pulled the donkey's ears and filled his pocket with money. The hotel manager had watched all this through a crack in the door, and when night came on he replaced Kwame’s donkey with one of his own. So Kwame without knowing that any change had been made, rode away next morning to his father's house.
Near his father’s home there lived a poor widow with an only daughter. Kwame and the girl became good friends and soon fell in love; but when Kwame asked his father's permission to marry the girl, "Never till you have the money to keep her," was the reply.
"I have a lot of money, father," said the boy, and going to the donkey he pulled its long ears. He pulled, and he pulled, till one of the ears came off in his hands; but even though the donkey hee-hawed as loudly



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