The Leopard and the Chimera

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Long ago, there was a very strange and cunning creature which looked like a fox, but also had a shell on its back like a tortoise. The animal was called Chimera. Even though it was neither strong nor ferocious all other animals avoided Chimera simply because it was a very deceitful creature. One of its favourite tricks was to make friends with a small animal and lead it to the lion’s den and when the lion comes out, Chimera would quickly climb up a tree, because it could climb very well, leaving the other animal behind to its sad fate.

Somehow Chimera and Leopard became good friends, and all that the other animals could do was watch some in amusement and some with anxiety.
When Leopard’ wife went out one day, she overheard some animals talking about the strange friendship between her husband and Chimera, and she decided to find a way to end this friendship. And so, when she got home, she called her husband into the room and said to him:
‘My dear husband, mighty one of the jungle, draw closer to me, for a heart-to-heart discussion. What is it with you and Chimera? Why does he come here so often? There is really nothing that you both share in common as far as I can see. You are not related and neither are you both physically matched in any way. What is it then that draws you close to this hideous creature, and why are you suddenly seen together in all places as if you are engaged to be married? I cannot go out anymore for the shame of the other animals saying spiteful things behind you. I want you to stop Chimera from coming to this house.’
This was what Leopard’s wife said to him; but beasts will always be beasts and instead of Leopard to listen to his wife and to come to agreement with her, he punched her on the neck. In response his wife bit his ears and he again bit her on the nose. A bitter fight was the result. And so was their many years of friendship destroyed because of Chimera. Leopard’s wife was pregnant at this time, and sadly as a result of this fight



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