The leopard and the traveler

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The route of Ojo a traveler took him through a forest. As he got close to a village which was along the way he found a leopard trapped in a steel cage. The cage was a trap had been set by the people living in a nearby village , and the cage had been built in such a way that once an animal got in, it would be unable to get out again unless the cage was opened from outside.
‘Open the door of this horrible cage for me, my good man ‘Leopard desperately pleaded; but Ojo refused. Leopard begged for long, and still Ojo would not open the cage.
‘What is it that I have done to you? ‘ Leopard said unhappily. ‘Do you not know that I could one day be of help to you too ? It is true that everybody calls me a dangerous animal, but I know that this is not true. You know how wicked human beings are and how they hate one another, and speak evil against one another. If you live with me for only three days, you will never want to leave my home as you will see how pleasant I really am. Certainly, if you go away and you leave me in this cage, someone else will soon come along in a moment to release me. You should then pray that our paths never cross again, but it certainly will.’
And when Ojo heard this he said to Leopard:
‘What you say is true; I even understand the bits that you have not said. However, I cannot help being afraid. If I free you, and then you attack me and tear me to pieces, how wise would I then have been? ‘
‘I give my word that I will do you no harm. But hurry because time is precious’ Leopard sad to him.
Leopard was so persuasive; and so Ojo went to the cage and opened the door. But no sooner had Leopard come out of the cage that he held him by the neck and made to kill him; but Ojo pleaded with Leopard.
‘Be patient with me,’ Ojo said. ‘Let us bring this matter to be judged by five persons along the way,



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