The Orphan Boy Who Went To Lagos

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There was a little boy called Ejila , whose father and mother died when he was very young. As poor Ejila was not old enough to work, he was very badly off; he got but little for his dinner, and sometimes nothing at all for his breakfast; for the people who lived in the village were very poor indeed, and could not spare him much more than the scraps of their food.
Now Ejila had heard a great many very strange things about the great city called Lagos; for the people in the village at that time thought that those who lived in Lagos were all very wealthy; and that there was singing and music there all day long; and that the streets were all paved with gold.
One day a large passenger lorry, drove through the village while Ejila was standing by the sign- post. He thought that this lorry must be going to the fine town of Lagos; so he took courage, and asked the driver to let him walk with him by the side of the lorry. As soon as the driver heard that poor Ejila had no father or mother, and saw by his ragged clothes that he could not be worse off than he was, he told him he might go if he would, so off they set together.
So Ejila got safe to Lagos, and was in such a hurry to see the fine streets paved all over with gold, that he did not even stay to thank the kind driver; but ran off as fast as his legs would carry him, through many of the streets, thinking every moment to come to those that were paved with gold. He thought he had nothing to do but to take up some little bits of the pavement, and should then have as much money as he could wish for as soon as he exchanged the gold for money and returned home to his village.
Poor Ejila ran till he was tired, and had quite forgot his friend the driver ; but at last, finding it grow dark, and that every way he turned he saw nothing but dirt instead of gold, he, sat down in a dark corner and cried



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