Why the sea is salty

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Once upon a time, long, long ago, there were two brothers, Emeka and Nkem - one rich and the other poor. When Christmas Eve came, Nkem had no food in the house; so he went to his brother Emeka, and begged him, in God's name, to give him something for Christmas Day. It was by no means the first time that Emekar had been forced to give something to him, and he was not better pleased at being asked now than he always had been.

"If you will do what I ask you, you shall have a whole chicken," he said .Nkem immediately thanked him, and promised this.
"Well, here is the chicken , and now you must go straight to Dead Man's Hall," said Emeka, throwing the chicken to him.
"Well, I will do what I have promised," said Nkem, and he took the chicken and set off. He went on and on for the all day, and at nightfall he came to a place where there was a bright light.
"I have no doubt this is the place," thought Nkem .
An old man with a long white beard was standing in the yard, chopping wood.
"Good evening," said Nkem .
"Good evening to you. Where are you going at this late hour?" said the old man.
"I am going to Dead Man's Hall, if only I am on the right track," answered Nkem .
"Oh! yes, you are right enough, for it is here," said the old man. "When you get inside they will all want to buy your chicken , for they don't get much meat to eat there; but you must not sell it unless you can get the hand-mill which stands behind the door for it. When you come out again I will teach you how to stop the hand-mill, which is useful for almost everything."
So Nkem thanked the old man for his good advice, and knocked at the door.

When he got in, everything happened just as the old man had said it would: all the people, great and small, came round him like ants on an ant-hill, and each tried to outbid the other for the chicken .
"By rights my wife and I ought to



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