The Wicked Farmer and the Pigeon

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A very unlucky dog had a master who took no care of him, but often let him go hungry for several days. At last the dog could bear it no longer; so he took to his heels, and off he ran, very sad and sorrowful. On the road he met a pigeon.
'Why are you so sad, my friend?' the pigeon asked him.
'Because, I am very hungry, and have nothing to eat.’ the dog replied.
'If that is all you need, then come along with me into the next town, and I will soon find you plenty of food.’ the pigeon told him. So on they went together into the town: and as they passed by a butcher's shop, the pigeon said to the dog,
'Stand there, while I peck down a piece of meat for you.' So the pigeon perched upon the shelf: and looking carefully about her to ensure that nobody was watching, she pecked and scratched at a piece of meat that was upon a shelf, till it fell down at last. The dog snapped up the meat, scrambled away with it into a corner, and there hungrily ate the meat.
'If you want some more, come with me to the next shop, and I will peck down another piece of meat.' When the dog had eaten this too, the pigeon said to him,
'My good friend, have you had enough now?'
'I have had enough of meat, but I would also like to have a piece of bread to eat after it.’, the dog eagerly replied.
'Come with me then, and you shall soon have that too.’ the pigeon said to him. So she took him to a bakery, and pecked at a loaf of bread placed on the window till it fell down. When the dog had finished eating, the pigeon asked him whether he had had enough now.
'Yes, thank you. Now let us take a walk a little way out of the town.’ the dog happily replied. So they both went strolling along the highway; but the dog had eaten too much and they had not gone far before the dog said:
'I am very tired, and I wish to sleep a bit’
'Very well, do as



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